i want a shirt that says “eat or die” because at first it sounds rebellious but its just a reminder


Oh my gods.

I just realized that someone told me to go to Saudi Arabia to find actual misogyny. But the best part is that their point was that homophobia is a real problem. As if there were countries where gay people are not executed for being gay.

Holy shit people are fucking dumb. Wow, logic.

I love how dudes are still harassing me even though I’ve essentially left tumblr for… like a year now? Maybe closer to two.

And they always say I’m the one who needs to get out into the real world.

At least I’m not tag-fishing for victims of my ire on some website.


To expand on where I’m coming from with that last post:

The last couple months or so my brother’s new favourite word is “cunt.” Though I see him rarely considering we live very close, the two or three times that I have seen him, he’s essentially referred to most every…

Holy shit, please get a life.
You have nothing better to do than troll tags for posts that are months old so you can belittle people complaining about their personal feelings on their  blogs? Please find a real hobby.
Also, from what I got skimming your tantrum at me:
I don’t live in England. Where I live, “cunt” is rarely used and considered to be an extremely offensive word. I don’t know where you think you understand how Americans talk, but I (and my family) are from Canadian farm country in the middle of fucking nowhere. And now that I live in the city, people still don’t talk like that unless they mean to be very rude. Just because we’re both speaking English doesn’t make you understand every region that has ever spoken English.

And you know nothing about my brother or what kind of person he is, or who or what I am.

Oh, and “upper class white females?” So, because I talked about my feelings on my blog (my blog, and by the way, my tags are FOR ME) about one issue that irks me even though it’s not majorly important, I have no problems. Like people who grow up poor never have any feelings or thoughts other than “I’m poor?”

After that little attempt at bitchiness, I have to just laugh. Please, please tell me how wealthy I am because you read one of my posts. Tell me who my brother is and how he treats me. Tell me about my family life. Want to make up my employment history while you’re at it? How about my mental and physical health, Doc?

Excuse me if I like to take a break from being glad that I can sometimes buy clothes from a real store for the first time in my life. Excuse me if I no longer live in a house where I’m afraid of getting beaten every waking moment. Excuse me if I finally have medication and have some shaky grasp on reality now that I am in my 20s.

Fuck you and your shitty followers. I am sorry I had specific feelings that so offended you.

Because people getting offended in their personal lives is not at all ridiculous to get offended over.

Oh, also, because you are hilariously fucking stupid and literally have no idea what the fuck you’re talking about (but I love the back story you made up, sounds very happy): WE ARE ADULTS, not children. When we visit my parents during a holiday, we all have to make special efforts not to kill each other. This includes how we talk to each other.

My older brother is 24 years old. He works in opera. And nothing gets in his shell, because he is a narcissist and an actual sociopath. He’s having great success in his opera career because it is nearly impossible to dent his ego or insult him. And when I have ever gotten him mad, he literally tried to kill me. Or maybe your siblings just stab you for the fun of it.

You want to trade lives? Have fun, asshat. You be an adult and I’ll be the little shit who’s allowed to dick around on a computer all day.